MISINI 10209 Upside Down Cafe

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 Coffee House Puzzle Set - This is a very nice MISINI Streetscape series block set. Comes with light kit.
UNIQUE HOUSE DESIGN - The whole building has an upside down appearance with the roof sticking to the ground end, which is a very innovative design. In addition, the modular design with quick-disassembly function is also one of the features of this. There are three floors inside the coffee house, the first two floors are the coffee house, and the third floor is the bedroom.
Architectural Details - Only the exterior is peaked, everything inside is normal. It was tilted at a 45 degree angle so a new assembly method had to be used. The delicate logo, the green vines on the wall, the upside down windows, the top that can be taken out for a clear view of the decoration and layout of the interior structure, the open-air dining room and so on are all the features of this building block. All in all, this is a very beautiful art building.


Model Number : MISINI 10209
Pcs: 3118
Finished Size:17.5 × 30 × 24.5cm
Weight: 4kg