MISINI 8530 Dream Cottage

$72.52 USD

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Fantasy Villa Puzzle Set - This is a very nice block set from the MISINI Streetscape series. It consists of 2008 quality block parts with 4 light kits and 2 light-up bricks. This adult house display model is a dream cozy home. In addition, our house kits come with colorful instructions to help you complete the assembly more easily.

UNIQUE HOUSE DESIGN - The whole house is designed with a lot of transparent components simulating a glass house design, which makes the whole house look like a bright shopping mall. The roof is a quick-release design that you can open manually, and there are 3 openable transparent windows. The villa comes with a large swimming pool where you can enjoy the beauty of life without any worries. All in all, it is a very beautiful and artistic building.


Model Number : MISINI 8530
Pcs: 2008
Finished Size:37 ×31.7 × 26.4 cm
Weight: 2.7kg