C62001W Off-Road Vehicle

$85.11 USD

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1, Genuine Licence - Suzuki-Jimny Genuine IP Licence, Touring version modified on the prototype, 1:12 scale design of the classic off-road vehicle. Power pack includes: L Motor Pro*1, Servo Motor Pro*1, remote control*1, 2.4G Li-ion battery box*1.
2、Function-Restore the appearance of the real car & Rich modification accessories & Simulation steering wheel & Hood can be opened & closed & Both sides of the door can be opened & closed & Tailgate can be opened.
3、Collector Value-This modified MOC off-road car has rich detailing and the interior is exquisite. The conversion accessories include a wide range of field tools and necessities. For example, bike, toolbox, medical kit and shovel. Definitely a great collector's item for car-loving MOC enthusiasts.


Model Number : CaDA C62001W
Pcs: 1803
Finished Size:32.5 × 16 × 15.5cm
Weight: 3.1kg/3.6kg