Galvanized Cars Wheels and Tires for 1:8 Technic Cars

$30.00 USD
La catégorie: building block
Color - Gold

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1. Awesome Galvanized Wheels - Technic Tires 4 Pieces and Rims 4 Pieces for 1:8 Technic Cars, Same as Picture, Compatible with Lego Cars

2.Technical parts tires, same high quality as top brands

3. Activity kits, DIY can be freely assembled to create new designs and create various means of transportation

4. These tires are indeed fully interchangeable with brand name technical components. If you want to start building a collection or making your own machine, this is a great way to get started.

5. Tire size: 81.6 x 44 mm Rim size: 62 x 44 mm. Material: Rubber, Plastic