MISINI 7702 Office

$156.92 USD
La catégorie: building block

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Designed and licensed by famous Korean MOC designer: OH SO JANG. The whole building has a very detailed design with lighting components and 3 levels of modular design.
Design details-The main body combines the features of two real buildings, and the interior consists of 3 layers of modularized mechanisms. The first floor has reception and meeting rooms with many special props. The second floor has office space and rest area with walls that can be opened for viewing and contains items such as computers, desks, cabinets, telephones, and green plants. The third floor has an office and owner's room. Various office supplies, desks and household items. You will feel proud when you finish this masterpiece.


Model Number : MISINI 7702
Pcs: 3828
Finished Size:25.6× 25.9 × 33.1 cm
Weight: 5.3kg