MISINI 22017 BUCKET PADDLE WHEEL EXCAVATOR 3188PCS 98 × 33.5 × 36.5 CM Free Shipping

$184.32 USD


1、Simulated appearance
2、Four channels dual-mode lithium battery
3、Right and left track independent drive
4、On-the-ground steering
5、Bucket wheel rotation
6、Front conveyor linkage operation
7、Fuselage rotation
8、Rear conveyor belt rotation
9、Bucket wheel moves up and down
10、Manual switch of the splitter box at the end of the car


Model Number : MISINI 22017
Pcs: 3188
Finished Size:98 × 33.5 × 36.5cm
Weight: 5.87kg

Accessories included: 10-pass remote control, 4-port motor master, XL motor, L motor*3