MISINI 033010 Medieval Castle 8603 pcs 51 × 47.5 × 56 cm

$266.85 USD


Medieval giant castle is richly detailed:
The gates can be opened and built in a variety of ways to enhance playability and display. Turn the gears, pull up the drawbridge, and rotate the switch on the ramparts to raise and lower the gates.
The opening and closing doors on the back and the vintage windows are both beautiful and functional.
The roof can be opened and there is a castle footbridge above.
Simulated kitchen, castle royal dining room, simulated castle palace, stables, archway with three doors, garden.
Can be unfolded or stowed for defense.


Model Number : MISINI 033010
Pcs: 8603 pcs
Package Size:51 × 47.5 × 56 cm
Weight: 10Kg